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Ask the Experts: New Business Advice from Mov-ology's Leaders

At Mov-ology, we pride ourselves on the diverse expertise and career trajectories of our team. For this article, we sat down with a few of our company’s leaders to find out what they really think about business, marketing and emerging technology. If you’d like to be a part of our next Q&A blog please submit your questions to for inclusion.

Tom Ling, CEO & Co-Founder

Q: As an innovative business owner and CEO, what would you say is the most important thing about preparing a business strategy that people often neglect or ignore? How can they improve?


Tom: Identify the opportunity conservatively, at the same time visualizing the growth potential in a new or niche segment. Often times a "me too" business is not enough to command market share. Have a differentiator or advantage in that segment and be the best. Improvement comes with innovation and visualization in the marketplace. Speed to market is another important thing to consider.

Peter Norton, CIO & Co-Founder

Q: As someone who has started his own business but also helps other businesses grow, what tip would you give someone who’s just starting out and has a very small marketing budget?


Peter: Stick to your core purpose—those decisions you make during initial growth must connect back to why you started the company in the first place. Be very selective with new opportunities. Don’t get distracted chasing every opportunity to make money. Focus on sales ASAP, including partnerships and integrations that will pay off more and more as time goes on. Understand that little adjustments can yield big rewards. Step back and evaluate when something is not working. Hire, train and fire to your core purpose. The wrong culture can kill a good company.

John O’Connor, Senior Director of Development

Q: As a tech expert, where do you think technology is taking the market industry? What kind of breakthroughs might we expect in the next couple years and how will they change how we market our businesses?


One size fits all no longer works in marketing. The rise of the API—the concept that disrupted and now dominates the engineering side of business—has made its way into the marketing side of business. Rather than relying on a single vendor to provide every tool, marketers are using API integrations to piece together custom marketing technology stacks that fit their needs. As these technologies become more mature, marketers will be able to weave a fabric of services and tools tailored to their needs, connecting offerings from multiple vendors using a flexible data pipeline.




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